Virtue ofthe Day of Jumu’añ (Friday)

Islam takes special care of the importance of the Day of Jumu ‘ah. For instance, Alláh the Exalted said:

O you who believe (Muslims)! When the call is proclaimed for the Salát (prayer) on Friday (Jumu ‘ah prayer), come to the remembrance of Alláh [Jumu ‘ah religious talk (Khutbah) and Salát (prayer)] and leave off business (and every other thing). That is better for you if you did but know!” (62:9)

Moreover, Alláh has admonished those who busy themselves from attending the Khutbah and prefer business transaction instead…..

And when they see sorne merchandise or sorne amusement [beating of Tambur (drum)] they disperse headlong to it, and leave you (Muhammad ~) standing [while delivering Khutbahtul- Jumu ‘ah (religious talk)]. Say: ‘That which Alláh has is better than any amusement or merchandise! And Alláh is the best of providers. ‘” (62: 11)

Ever since Alláh ordained the Jumu ‘ah Prayer, the Messenger of Alláh ~ took special care in preserving it, reminding Muslims often of its significance and warning against taking its obligation lightly.

The day of Jumu ‘ah is the best day of the week, for Imam Ahmad, Muslim and At-Tirmidhi narrated that the Messenger of Alláh ~ said:

“Friday is the best day the sun has risen on. In it Alláh has created Adam, entered him into Paradise and driven him out of it.”

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