Wedding in Islam

Wedding in Islam


~* An advice from a husband to his wife *~
My lovely wife, you are the jewelry, the green velvet, the symbol of all the beauty. The peace of our family is in your hand.

You are the pegs on which an a mount able to stand upright. Regards and safety abundant prosperity for their husbands who have pious wives. Be a diamond and rose, don’t be like worthless parasites or dust.
Be strong as the rock, when talking about righteous thing.

Be a diamond, who only the hard worker for the world life with hereafter and worship can get you. And be a diamond who always kept hiding in the glorious box and being a pride of its owner.

My wife, please don’t cry when the difficulties come in our live. You can makes me keep stronger with your strong faith. You can create so many laughing and smiling by your softly touch. You can give me many thousands blessing because of your worship to ALLAH. Because you are the precious blessing from our LORD who complete a half of my deen. And finally i want to touch you until to the jannat ul firdous, ameen.

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